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A little about Me


I have a passion for photography but i'm actively learning, I have no formal education in Photography or Art and this site is just my thoughts and feelings on still images.  I am however, a degree qualified geologist and have extensive remote field work experience in hostile environments and around dangerous animals.  I am well versed in photographing from helicopters and working at height using access equipment or in mountainous terrain.  I am also trained to travel to and work offshore.  This allows me to get to places that are normally very challanging to photograph. 


I currently live and work in Aberdeen, Scotland and in my spare time I am a climber and mountaineer with ascents in the Europe and USA. 

A photo from a trip to Skarv taken from a Semi Sub drilling rig
Doors off helicopter operations can be used to undertake topographic surveys and allow the photographer a superior view of the subject.  Training and Experience are critical to success, you can put a photographer in an aircraft but will you get image?

Topographic Survey - NW Greenland © Robert Reglinski Collection 2010

Skarv - Norwegian North Sea © Robert Reglinski Collection 2013

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